Why choose Ginza Network

Ginza Frederick
2 min readMay 28, 2021


NFT industry status

In this virtual pet development game based on the Ethereum public chain, users can buy, cultivate and sell virtual pet cats after opening an Ethereum wallet. News of more than $100,000 is not uncommon.

NFT platforms and products have also ushered in a big explosion, and a complete industrial chain has been formed. The total market value is expected to climb to US$710 million in 2021.

The infrastructure of NFT is various public chains, such as Ethereum (ETH), Flow and WAX. ETH is still the most mainstream public chain at present, with a relatively mature and powerful ecology. Flow public chain is the main circulation platform of CryptoKitties parent company DapperLab in NFT. There are general distribution and trading platforms Opensea and Rarible, art trading platforms Nifty Gateway, makersplace, Async Art, etc.

Ginza Network’s new NFT+DeFi experience

Snap up an exclusive NFT

When the NFT is on sale, users can go online and use Ginza to snap up the NFT, and the Ginza spent on each snapping up the NFT will be destroyed, which will help Ginza deflate and increase the price.

NFT airdrop

NFT holders can regularly receive official Ginza airdrops, which can be understood as free Ginza token rewards from the official holding NFT. Encourage users to hold NFT.

NFT casting

Ginza tokens will be used in functional scenarios such as NFT minting, mortgages, auctions, and transactions. Users can destroy Ginza to generate NFTs. Unlike snapping up NFTs, the NFTs that need to be snapped up are rare, limited in quantity, and difficult to snap up Large, with absolute appreciation space, moderate NFT issuance that can be minted with Ginza tokens, has a certain scarcity, and also has relative appreciation space.

Mortgage loan

For some investors who want to hold NFTs for a long time but do not want to miss short-term investment opportunities, they can also use the purchased NFTs as collateral to borrow and lend Ginza or USDT at the best lending rate for short-term investment. If the value of NFT continues to soar, NFT holders can continue to lend more liquid funds for investment without increasing their investment. At the same time, they do not have to worry about missing the profit margins of NFT price increases.

Token distribution model

The total supply of Ginza is 660 million. Ginza is the original token of the project.

15% for private placement

65% liquidity mining pool

9% Business Development Funding Pool

5.2% Team reserve pool

5.8% Ginza token market making